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Maelynn Le

Brother’s Pizza is located on Tarvael Ave. near Ocean Beach in San Francisco, CA. I think this is the perfect location with a lot of foot traffic since they are near Ocean Beach, which is like a 5-minute walk. It’s perfect for you to get some great pizza and Indian food. When I first came in, the interior had nice character, and I can’t believe they've been in business for 30+ years. That’s crazy, and they are quite popular. Anyways, I got their half and half pesto pizza special, Indian vegetarian pizza, paneer palak, and their samoas. I have to say their Indian food and pizza were on point! I got their pesto pizza and their Indian vegetarian pizza.When I first opened the box, they didn’t skimp on the toppings. There was a lot in there, and the pizza looked awesome. The crust was well cooked and not rubbery, so I thought that was a plus! I thought their pesto pizza was great, and the toppings that were on it were very nice. I tend to love pesto on pizza, and this one definitely delivered. I also had their Indian vegetarian pizza. I was actually happy that they didn’t add tomato sauce and substituted it with Indian gravy. The gravy was flavorful; however, I thought it was slightly oily in terms of taste and how much oil was used on the pizza. The toppings were a great size and were very plentiful, but again, the toppings were a bit oily. Overall, the pizza was flavorful, delicious, and plentiful! I also had their paneer palak, which I thought was tasty. The taste was creamy and mild, which every paneer palak must have. The naan bread, however, wasn’t the softest and was a bit charred too much, which came with the paneer palak. I would just eat the paneer palak by itself, if I had to be honest. The samosas were crunchy, flavorful, and perfect. The ratio of dough and filling was great, and it was just a nice samosa to have. Overall, even though there were a few flaws, I would totally bookmark and recommend this great pizza place if you are ever at Ocean Beach! The staff was very nice, the food is home-cooked, and this spot rocks for their pizzas and Indian food! I would definitely come back to taste more of their items. 


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Really solid, hearty pizza, and great folks running the place. Fresh ingredients, and they don't skimp! It's great to get a $30 pie in the city that'll ...Read more

May 28, 2024
Will B
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