Serving Mouthwatering Pizza, Indian Food, and Dessert in San Francisco, CA

No Matter How You Slice It, We've Got a Diverse Menu for You

Is everyone in your party in the mood for a different type of cuisine? One person wants pizza, another wants Indian food and a third is craving a hot sandwich. If it's after 3 p.m., bring your family and friends down to Brothers Pizza. Since 1987, our family-run pizza restaurant has been a favorite for San Francisco, CA locals and visitors alike.

We've got food to satisfy a wide variety of cravings. And the best part? It's all made with fresh ingredients.

If you want catering from our Indian food & pizza restaurant, call 415-753-6004 now.

What's on the menu for you?

After a busy day, you don't want to go home and cook. Luckily, our family-run pizza restaurant has hot food and cold drinks that'll hit the spot.

When you stop by our pizzeria:

  • Get a drink - sip on a bottled beer, glass of wine, water, juice, Gatorade or soda while you check out our menu
  • Start with an appetizer - get started with honey BBQ wings, cheese sticks, stuffed jalapenos or tasty chicken nuggets
  • Order your main course - pick a specialty pizza, pasta, clay oven creation, jumbo hot sandwich or salad
  • Add a tasty side - pair your pizza or salad with garlic bread, baked fries, samosas, meatballs or French bread
  • Don't forget to order dessert - wrap up your visit with sweet cheese cake, chocolate mousse cake or a mango lassi

Visit us today to dig into a satisfying meal. We look forward to serving you.

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